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Students for Academic Freedom Timeline · 21 October 2006

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A Campus Movement is Born

When David Horowitz founded Students for Academic Freedom in the Spring of 2003, it was because of the need he saw for an organization to stand up for the rights of students to get a professional education and be free from political harassment in university classrooms. In the ensuing three years, we have launched an historic campaign for academic freedom involving over 150 campuses and thousands of students across the nation. With the adoption of the first student bill of rights in the nation by the trustees of Temple University, it is time to provide a summary chronicle of major events and achievements since our founding.

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An Academic Bill of Rights Passes the US House Education and Workforce Committee · 27 July 2005

The academic freedom movement took a significant step forward last week when the US House Education and Workforce Committee passed HR 609, the Higher Education Re-Authorization Act, which contains a provision for an academic bill of rights.

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Letter on Intellectual Diversity · 17 September 2004

The following letter was sent to the presidents of 88 colleges and universities in 7 states during the summer of 2004. For more information on this project, please read the National Campus Director's letter.

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Kingston Bill Introduced · 11 October 2003

Introduced by Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston into the U.S. House of Representatives

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Students for Academic Freedom Year-End Report · 31 December 2002

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