Why an Academic Bill of Rights is Necessary · 14 March 2005

By David

Testimony before the Education Committee of the Ohio Senate

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University of Cincinnati: Evaluation of Academic Freedom Policies · 09 March 2005

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By Sara Dogan--03/10/05

The University of Cincinnati has extensive academic freedom policies--but students are unlikely to know about them.

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Commentary on the Academic Freedom Regulations at OSU and Senate Bill 24 · 06 March 2005

By Sara Dogan, National Campus Director, Students for Academic Freedom, 03/07/05

Ohio State's Academic Freedom Regulations provide many of the same protections as Senate Bill 24, but students are unlikely to ever find out.

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The Professors' Orwellian Case · 04 December 2003

By David Horowitz | December 5, 2003

The American Association of University Professors prides itself on being a guardian of academic freedom. There is a sound historical basis for this pride beginning with its famous report of 1915, which launched the academic freedom tradition. Through the 1970s its Academic Freedom Committee developed principles and guidelines that have been adopted by American universities to protect the intellectual independence of their faculties. As early as the 1915 report, the AAUP also recognized the academic freedom rights of students. However, as a guild organization whose members are professors, it is not surprising that the AAUP has not been so mindful of the academic rights of students, although these rights are mentioned in its pronouncements going to back to the original report. Again, not surprisingly, the same is true of university administrations, whose academic freedom policies are generally modeled on AAUP guidelines.

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AAUP Statement on Academic Bill of Rights · 03 December 2003

The statement that follows was approved for publication by the
Association's Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure. Comments are
welcome and should be addressed to the AAUP's Washington office.

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