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Horowitz Explains The Professors · 29 March 2006

By David Horowitz--Columbia Spectator--03/29/06

When I was interviewed recently about my book, The Professors, by a reporter from the Columbia Daily Spectator, I was under the impression that her article would actually be about the book.

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Look For Union Libel · 28 March 2006

By David Horowitz--03/28/06

A spokesgroup for unions called the International Labor Communications Association has issued a condemnation of the Academic Bill of Rights reminiscent of the 1930s and reflecting the incipient Stalinism in the general campaign against the academic freedom movement.

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"Free Exchange on Campus" Coalition Aims to Silence Dialogue on Academic Freedom · 23 March 2006

By Sara Dogan--SAF--03/24/06

Yet another campaign of lies and distortions to oppose the Academic Bill of Rights and the Academic Freedom Movement.

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"Free Exchange on Campus" Coalition Aims to Silence Dialogue on Academic Freedom · 22 March 2006

A new radical coalition calling itself "Free Exchange on Campus" opposes the Academic Bill of Rights.

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Middletown Journal · 22 March 2006


On Wednesday, The Journal published a column by U.S. House Majority Leader John Boehner on steps that Congress is taking to ensure "free speech and independent thought" on American college campuses.

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Attack of an Academic Zero · 20 March 2006

A professor complains about his profile in The Professors and shows just how low the academic life has become.

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Defending “The Professors” · 19 March 2006

My answers to a critic from the left.

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A Cartoon Version of Academia · 14 March 2006

By Froma Harrop--Seattle Times--03/09/06

A columnist makes a ludicrous analogy.

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Censoring the Liberal Cadre · 14 March 2006

By Anika Fontaine--Maryland Diamondback--02/23/06

I'm sure we could all appreciate a remote control with the power to mute a professor mid-lecture.

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Fighting for Academia: Horowitz's vision is self-contradictory · 14 March 2006

- Columbia Spectator

Staff Editorial--Columbia Spectator--03/06/06

According to famed neoconservative David Horowitz, Columbia, among other academic institutions, is rife with "terrorists, racists, and communists."

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