College Rape Accusations and the Presumption of Male Guilt · 22 August 2011

By Peter Berkowitz - Wall Street Journal

Pressured by the Obama administration, universities abandon any pretense of due process in sexual assault cases.

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Bullying As a Civil Rights Violation · 15 August 2011

By Kenneth L. Marcus - Federalist Society

The US Department of Education’s Approach to Harassment….

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This Year Keep Your Kids Home From College · 09 August 2011

By Mike Adams -

I am frequently asked whether I would be willing to spend the money necessary to send my own kids to a four-year brick and mortar college.

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Climate Thuggery · 04 August 2011

By Peter Wood - Chronicle of Higher Education

Is anthropogenic global warming (AGW) a valid scientific theory?

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AAUP Asks Office for Civil Rights to Withdraw New Evidence Requirement · 04 August 2011

By Adam Kissel -

The AAUP speaks out against the Office of Civil Rights’ attempt to establish campus kangaroo courts.

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Stanford: Guilty Even If Innocent · 20 July 2011

By KC Johnson -

Stanford’s new kangaroo court

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Professor Receives Slew of Backlash after F-word E-mail · 25 April 2011

By Nina Earnest - The Daily Iowan

A University of Iowa professor who sent a vulgar e-mail to members of the UI College Republicans has seen an outpouring of negative e-mails from students, graduates, and community members.

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In Praise of Ideological Openness · 15 April 2011

By Daniel B. Klein -

A professor advocates letting students know where he stands.

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UCLA Student Will Not Be Punished for YouTube Rant · 22 March 2011

By Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

In a victory for the First Amendment, officials at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) announced late on Friday, March 18, that UCLA had dropped its disciplinary investigation of student Alexandra Wallace’s “Asians in the Library” YouTube video.

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A Feeble Statement from the AAUP · 22 February 2011

By K.C. Johnson -

In new report, AAUP attempts to downplay academic freedom violations from within.

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